ADRA Bangladesh

Basic Informations

NGO Bureau: 073 date: 22/04/1981

Social Welfare: DSW/ER/FD-147/11227 date: 27/08/80

Women Affairs: NA

Joint Stoke Company: S-11784 Date: 10/11/2013

Micro Credit Regulatory Authority: 53.01.0000. Date: 10/09/2015

Others: NA


149, Shah Ali Bagh Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216


ADRA is a professional, learning and efficient network that embodies integrity and transparency. The agency reaches across boundaries empowering and speaking out for the at-risk and forgotten to achieve measurable, documented and durable changes in lives and society.


ADRA works with people in poverty and distress to create just and positive change through empowering partnership and responsible action.


Changing the World, one life at a time.

List of Excutive Body

  1. Country Director
  2. Finance Controller
  3. Program Director

Chief of NGO

Name: Landerson Serpa Santana

Designation: Country Director

Phone & Mobile No. 02-9009162 (01711549612)

Head Office

Address: 149, Shah Ali Bagh Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216

Phone & Mobile No. 02-9034096


Project Office

Address: Word no. 5 Sutarkhali, Dacope, Khulna


Staff Strength

Staff category Male Female Total
Management and Supervision 4 1 5
Mid-level 11 5 16
Field Worker 30 56 86
Support staff 11 8 19
Voluntaries 2 2 4

Micro credit related information Last three years: (If necessary)

Financial year Amount of Savings Loan disbursement (Cumulative) Amount of Total fund (Tk)
2015-2016 184380 766000 950,380

Project List ( Total Project : 4 )

Project Name : Social Integration for Street Children Development Project

Doner : Lakermissionen

Sector : Child Health and Education

Area : Mymensingh

Brief of activities :

  1. Slum children education.
  2. Children Nutrition and Health support.
  3. Parents rights and hygiene
  4. Vocational Education Training & IGA. opportunities for mothers.
  5. Children have savings.
  6. Literacy session for mother.

Project Name : Enhancing Community Resilience Project in Khulna

Doner : ADRA Sweden

Sector :

Area : Dacope Khulna

Brief of activities :


1.1:  04 new Wards have a gender balanced DMC that is representative of the Ward and with the capacity to manage the Ward DRR program.

1.2:  04 new Wards have a Disaster Risk Reduction Action Plan.

1.3:   04 new Wards have a Disaster Response Plan (DRP) that has been tested and Practiced.

1.4: 04 new schools servicing target Wards have a SMC that has the capacity to manage the School Disaster Program.

1.5: DMCs and SMCs have gender sensitive action plan.

2.1: Early warning systems are established and/or enhanced in 09 Wards.

2.2: Members in 04 new WDMCs are trained in EW system.

3.1: 08 community ponds are re-excavated with stairs.

3.2: 08 km of embankments adjacent to and surrounding target Wards are protected by mangrove and other trees.

4.1: 05 DMCs are capacitated.

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