American Center for International Labor Solidarity (Solidarity Center)

Basic Informations

NGO Bureau: Reg.No.18, April 22, 1981; Renewed up to 14, May 2020.

Social Welfare: N/A

Women Affairs: N/A

Joint Stoke Company: N/A

Micro Credit Regulatory Authority: N/A

Others: N/A


Dhaka Office: Road# 127,  House# 9, Gulshan 1, Dhaka-1212

Khulna Office: 67, Gagon Babu Road, Khulna.


The organization assists workers around the world who are struggling to achieve safe and healthy workplaces, family-supporting wages, social protections and a voice on the job. The organization also assists workers in building prosperity in the global economy and in their country. The Solidarity Center's mission is to help build a global labor movement by improving the economic and social condition of workers around the world through effective, independent, and democratic unions and workers organizations.


The organization is working on promoting labor standards, social compliance and industrial relations in the garment and shrimp and fish processing industries. Projects are implemented through providing and sharing educational and awareness raising programs with active participation and involvement of the workers, the stakeholders of the industries, the local administration and the brands and buyers.  Different departments and authorities of the Government of Bangladesh which govern and regulate the respective sectors   are involved in the implementation of the project activities.


  • To educate and increase workers knowledge and understanding of their rights and responsibilities;
  • To help workers to build their organizing capacity and skills so that they are better able to establish their constitutional and legal rights and social justice to bargain with employers to improve working conditions;
  • To increase awareness of the management of the factories and industry on the laws, rules, international standards, codes of conduct to make the industries more compliant;
  • To encourage peaceful negotiations and resolutions to workers-management disputes and improve industrial relations;
  • To promote economic development of the workers and sustainable improvement of the industry;
  • To improve compliance of domestic labor laws, international labor standards and corporate code of conducts;
  • To educate activists, officials and members of trade unions on legal procedures of formation of trade unions, roles and responsibilities of unions to ensure workers rights as well as sustainable growth of the industry;
  • To encourage and train trade unions to adopt democratic practices in the organizations;
  • To advance gender equality, promote women leadership through skill development and increase their participation in trade unions and organizations;
  • To provide legal support, including counseling, to workers;
  • To promote awareness on occupational health and safety protections at workplace;
  • To prevent trafficking of Bangladeshi workers by promoting safe migration through education and awareness raising
  • To advocate for necessary revisions and changes of laws, rules, codes and practices to ensure the rights of the workers; so that the export oriented sectors can compete in the international market in a better way.

Major Activities

  1. Awareness building of workers and management staff on labor laws, rules, international standards, code of conducts, their rights, roles and responsibilities;
  2. Capacity building of workers and management staff on leadership development, gender equality, dispute resolution, development of peaceful industrial relation  development, between the workers and the owner, occupational health and safety, safe migration of Bangladeshi workers etc;
  3. Stakeholders’ meetings, roundtable discussions, seminars, workshops with the workers, owners, management staff, trade unions, brands and buyers, government departments and authorities, civil society organizations to discuss issues of the industries and sectors, share findings and get recommendations for further actions;
  4. Celebration of national and international days of significance and events related to the other programs and activities;
  5. Legal support programs for the workers, including legal counseling, industrial dispute settlement, representing workers in the legal system etc.
  6. Advocacy for improving and ensuring labor rights, revisions of legislation related to workers of different industries, codes of conduct and corporate social responsibilities of international buyers and brands towards the workers and the industry etc.

List of Excutive Body

  1. Shawna Bader-Blau
  2. Kate Doherty
  3. Darcy Wertz
  4. Timothy Ryan
  5. Lystia Santosa

Chief of NGO

Name: Alonzo Glenn Suson

Designation: Country Program Director

Phone & Mobile No. (88-02) 984-8403, 01819-222495

Head Office

Address: House# 9, Road# 127, Gulshan 1, Dhaka-1212

Phone & Mobile No. (88-02) 984-8403, 01727-654623


Project Office

Address: 67, Gagon Babu Road, Khulna.

Phone & Mobile No. 041-2830124, 01819 261887


Staff Strength

Staff category Male Female Total
Management and Supervision 01 01 2
Mid-level 0 0 0
Field Worker 01 0 1
Support staff 0 01 1
Voluntaries 0

Infrastructure facilities:

Particulars Total Number
Training Room 01
Office Room 01
Legal Counseling Room 01