Basic Informations

NGO Bureau: 908

Joint Stoke Company: JHA-4125/(227)/04


Head office: Sornali Garden-Probal, 14/3/A Baishteki, Mirpur-13, Dhaka-1216

Khulna office: 107 Sher-E-Bangla Road, Hasan Towar (3rd floor), Nirala Moar, Khulna-9100


Building Child Friendly Bangladesh


To support the most vulnerable children and youth who are socially and economically disadvantaged, living in Bangladesh. Provide rights-based services designed to improve their quality of life. These are principally, protection, rescue, education, healthcare, skills training, socio-economic development and participation. They are provided in ways that reinforce the culture, faith and value of the children and youth. These are offered to them fairly, relevantly and without discrimination.


Values: AB has taken sides-we are on the side of disadvantaged children and youth- those opposed by violence, poverty, abuse and exploitation, AB’ values are to:

  • Respect a child’s inherent abilities
  • Believe in every child’s ability to achieve, succeed and contribute.
  • Enable children and youth to take control and positively change the direction of their lives.
  • Work in ways that demonstrate respect for the individual, for children and youth who have lost their own hope and self respect AB offers a real option for change.

Develop a wide range of partnerships – encourage funders, supporters and other development agencies to join us on the side of disadvantaged children.

Major Activities

Direct Intervention:

  • Rescue from risk/abusive situation
  • Safe Shelters
  • Education( formal& non Formal)
  • Vocational/Skills Development Training
  • Children’s Participation
  • Counseling & Motivation
  • Case Management
  • Capacity Building on relevant issues
  • Indoor & Outdoor games/sports
  • Dance Drama and Music
  • Legal awareness and Support
  • Curative &Preventive Healthcare
  • Health Education(hygiene & reproductive)
  • Referrals for Drug Detoxification
  • HIV/AIDS/STI Prevention awareness
  • Child Marriage, VAC and CESAC

Rehabilitation Interventions

  • Family Re-integration
  • Family pre & post counselling
  • Recovery and Repatriation
  • Market survey
  • Job Placement
  • Support for Self-employment
  • Promoting Group Business
  • Small Entrepreneurships
  • Collective Living
  • Cash/Kind Transfers
  • Pre & post visit Family
  • Pre & post visit to work place
  • Follow-up

List of Excutive Body

Chief of NGO

Name: Ms. Wahida Banu

Designation: Executive Drector

Phone & Mobile No. 9135969/9116613 01713000632

Head Office

Address: Sornali Garden-Probal, 14/3/A Baishteki, Mirpur-13, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh

Phone & Mobile No. 9135969/9116613

E-mail: info@aparajeyo.org

Project Office

Address: Project Office: 107 Sher-E-Bangla Road, Hasan Towar (3rd floor), Nirala Moar, Khulna-9100

Phone & Mobile No. 01716244287,041 721089

E-mail: khlprince@gmail.com

Staff Strength

Staff category Male Female Total
Management and Supervision 4 2 6
Mid-level 18 3 21
Field Worker 103 240 343
Voluntaries 350 150 500

Network / Forum

Name of Network / Forum : Bangladesh Shishu adhikar forum

Type : National

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : National Girl Child Advocacy Forum

Type : National lna

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : Counter Trafficking Committee

Type : Khulna

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : Task furs committee

Type : Khulna

Website :