Assemblies Of God Community Assistance

Basic Informations

NGO Bureau: Reg. No.-107; Date- 03/09/1981

Social Welfare: N/A

Women Affairs: N/A

Joint Stoke Company: N/A

Micro Credit Regulatory Authority: N/A

Others: N/A


12,Rupsha strand road, Chanmari, Shareghat,Khulna-9100


It is the desire of the Assemblies Of God Community Assistance (AGCDP) to see the human development of all in Bangladesh.


  • To provide secure living environment, nutritional food, clothing and healthe care for underprivilage and orphan, poor and destitute children.
  • To improve the life of mothers & new born and provides simple clinically and word services.
  • Immunizations program will greatly reduce the risk for a number childhood illness.
  • Conduct training for the people to upgrade their skill in their work field.



To ensure and provide Adult Health Education, TBA training, Tailoring Certificate Course, Mother and Child Care, HIV/AIDS awareness, Immunization program, Training and Education for health-workers, Residential home for underprivileged girls.

Major Activities

  1. Adult Health Education
  2. Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) Training
  3. Tailoring Certificate Course
  4. Mother and Child Care
  5. Immunization
  6. Underprivileged girls home
  7. Tree plantation
  8. Sanitation Safe water

List of Excutive Body

  1. Chairman- Larry R. Smith
  2. Secretary- Sharon Smith
  3. Treasurer – Mel Rogers
  4. Executive Member-Luke Bates
  5. Executive Member-Elaine Pardee

Chief of NGO

Name: Larry R. Smith

Designation: Chairman

Phone & Mobile No. Tel : 041-831 6452, 041-831 2936;

Head Office

Address: 401/1, New Eskaton road, Mogbazar, Dhaka-1000.

Phone & Mobile No. Tel : 041-831 6452, 041-831 2936; Cell : 0173-1022690


Project Office

Address: 12,Rupsha strand road, Chanmari, Shareghat,Khulna-9100

Phone & Mobile No. 041-720 792;Cell : 01761-648835


Staff Strength

Staff category Male Female Total
Management and Supervision 01 03 4
Mid-level 0 03 3
Field Worker 0 03 3
Support staff 02 02 4
Voluntaries 30 30

Infrastructure facilities:

Particulars Total Number
Training room (Non-AC) 30 Persons 01
Training room (Non-AC) 10 Persons 01
Guest room (Non-AC) 3 Persons 03
Bed room (Safe home for girls) 12 Persons 01
Study cum dining (Safe home for girls) 15 Persons 01
Computer 03
Printer 01
Digital Camera 01

Project List ( Total Project : 1 )

Project Name : AG-Community Development Program (AGCDP)

Doner : Assemblies Of God World Mission Springfield, Missouri,U.S.A

Sector : N/A

Area : Ward no 30, Khulna City Corporation.

Brief of activities :

  • Adult Health Education : Motivational work about primary health care, nutrition and immunization.
  • Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) Training: Provide practical, safe delivery training to the untrained Midwives, those who are doing delivery in their own place.
  • Tailoring Certificate Course: To make the underprivileged women self-supported we have 3 months free Tailoring Certificate Course.
  • Mother and Child Care : To improve the health and life of the needy and malnourished babies and mothers, and provide simple clinic service, safe water. 
  • Immunization : To reduce the high risk of child death to a great extent.
  • Underprivileged girls home: Children, who cannot be cared for by their biological families are supported by AGCDP, Khulna by providing them a safe home, we call “Akhi’s Place”. AGCDP provide individualized care to promote the spiritual and physical development, education and health of each child.

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