Aste Aste Ogrogoti

Basic Informations

NGO Bureau: 2845, 18/12/2013

Social Welfare: Khulna/ 1405/ 2010

Women Affairs: N/A

Joint Stoke Company: N/A

Micro Credit Regulatory Authority: N/A

Others: N/A


House # 37, Road # 14, Sonadanga R/A, Phase 2, Khulna.


A poverty free prosperous world


The Association operates by not occasional volunteer services and it is aimed to satisfy the primary needs and first of all the human life safeguard, alimentary self-sufficiency, empowerment of human resources, preservation of environmental patrimony, accomplishment and consolidation of endogenous development processes, economic, social and cultural growth of developing countries. The activity of the Association is also aimed to the improvement of women and childhood condition and to support women promotion.


  1. Provide tuition program amongst the poorest school going children for quality education
  2. Provide health supports for reducing health hazards for school going poor children and physiotherapy service amongst disable children , adolescent and peoples
  3. To establish and operate orphanage for orphan and physically disable children.
  4. Provide safe water, sanitation and nutrition amongst the poorest school going children.
  5. To develop and mobilizes of human resources to increase socio-economic status by reducing vulnerability
  6. To increase organic farming practices and forestation to reduce environmental pollution
  7. To establish child right through protect child labor
  8. To make people aware about democracy and rights
  9. Environmental protection and promotion
  10. Program for copying with the climate change related vulnerabilities with participation of vulnerable groups
  11. To Take step towards holistic development for the nation by implementing multidimensional programs activities
  12. To establish dignity and ensure the rights of the woman and children through providing legal supports
  13. To develop long term strategic plan for sustainable development of the community
  14. To develop networking with international, national and local likeminded organization
  15. To reduce illiteracy rate through pre-primary and non-formal education
  16. To establish income generating activities

Major Activities

  1. Tuition Programs
  2. Food and Nutrition Supplies
  3. Health Supports
  4. Educational material Supplies
  5. Operation of Shelter Home
  6. Safe Water and Sanitation
  7. Climate Change Adaptation
  8. Livelihood
  9. Organic Vegetables Cultivation

List of Excutive Body

  1. Snigdha Costa-Chairman
  2. Chanchal Kumar Ghosh- Vice Chairman
  3. Chabi Rani Ray-General Secretary
  4. Theophil Sarder -Vice- General Secretary
  5. Stuart Tony Munshi- Treasurer
  6. Margeret Halder- Executive Member
  7. Asfia Akhter Ela -Executive Member

Chief of NGO

Name: Chabi Rani Ray

Designation: Executive Director

Phone & Mobile No. 01726-885164

Head Office

Address: House # 37, Road # 14, Sonadanga R/A, Phase 2, Khulna.

Phone & Mobile No. 01749-545400


Project Office

Address: Elaipur, Masuadanga, Rupsha, Khulna. Magurkhali, Shibnogor, Dumuria, Khulna. Chalna Bazar, Dacope, Khulna.

Phone & Mobile No. 01749-545400


Staff Strength

Staff category Male Female Total
Management and Supervision 03 01 4
Mid-level 03 01 4
Field Worker 12 11 23
Support staff 07 05 12
Voluntaries 02 2

Infrastructure facilities:

Particulars Total Number
Land 315 Decimals
School Building 02
Rented Shelter Home 01

Project List ( Total Project : 1 )

Project Name : Promoting Children Education

Doner : Pango’no Pango’no Onluse

Sector : Education

Area : Rupsha, Dacope and Dumuria, Khulna

Brief of activities :

Tuition Programs

Food and Nutrition Supplies

Health Supports

Educational material Supplies

Operation of Shelter Home

Safe Water and Sanitation

Climate Change Adaptation


Organic Vegetables Cultivation

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