Basic Informations

NGO Bureau: FDR-1058/96 Date-12/08/96

Social Welfare: 5-79 Date-19/03/79

Women Affairs: 176/83 Date-16/01/83

Others: khul-5


215, Khan Jahan Ali Road (1no. Bagan bari lane), Khulna.


An educated and skilled self-supported manpower, ensuring gender equality and promoting women's empowerment by increasing women’s labor force participation and upholding their political rights ,Promoting and protecting rights for children and supporting better nutrition and quality education for them and a prepared population against the emerging climate change.


Banophul works to improve the status of the poor and socially disadvantage population of Bangladesh mainly through Health & Family Planning services, Education, Gender equity, Water & Sanitation Project and Income Generation Activities. The main focus is on quality, new management skills / Human Resource Development and sustainability of these projects. Additionally, Banophul now also focuses on many projects which address the climate change issues because of the changing environment. Banophul wishes to help Bangladesh to prepare a climate resilient environment and population.


  • To impart knowledge and skills to the landless, especially women on their right to land
  •  To build social institutions of the landless poor at Union and Upazila level
  •  To mobilize of landless people for claiming their Rights on Khas land
  •  To reduce vulnerability of women and enhance their livelihood by supporting better nutrition and quality education.
  •  To increase the skill of the target population by arranging various Vocational Training like Handicrafts, small cottage Industries, Poultry, goat raring and cow fattening & aquaculture.
  •  To reduce social, economic and political inequalities and injustice through effective institution building particularly addressing the landless poor and marginalized population who have inadequate access to public resources.
  •  Small Group Formation involving landless people in the community and imparting training about leadership and group management to establish their ownership on khas land.
  •  To provide knowledge on sanitation, environmental pollution, health education legal aids, duties rights and obligation of citizens.
  •  To improve the socio-economic condition of the target population by providing training and distributing the Revolving Loan for self- entrepreneurship cottage industries.
  •  To improve the network with Govt. Autonomous body and other NGOs with a view to improve the working area for women.
  •  To prepare a vigilant and responsive climate community against the emerging climate change in the south eastern coastal region of Bangladesh.
  •  To ensure empowerment of the women and gender development through orientation program.
  •  To strengthening the local government to ensure the public facilities through local people’s participation.

Major Activities

  • Rights of the marginalized population.
  • Awareness campaign on various issues.
  • Vocational training and I.G.A training and capital support
  • Institution building & capacity building training for the project beneficiaries
  • Advocacy by Union and Upazila committees in favor of landless people
  • Land identification, distribution and settlement in favor of the landless
  • Gender sensitization of SMCs, students, duty-bearers and beneficiaries

List of Excutive Body

  1. President-Rehana Akhter,
  2. Vice President- Rosey Rahaman, SufiaK hanam
  3. Secretary- Zakia Akhter Hossain, Joint Secretary-. Afroza Islam
  4. Treasurer- Mafuza Shahin
  5. Social Welfare Secretary-. Kaniz Ahmed
  6. Member- Morium Nahar, Nazmeen Ara Chowdhury, Khadiza Aktar Jahan, Nurun Nahar.

Chief of NGO

Name: Zakia Akhatar Hossain

Designation: Executive Director

Phone & Mobile No. 01711-236908

Head Office

Address: 215, Khan Jahan Ali Road, Khulna.

Phone & Mobile No. 041-721314, 01711-236908


Project Office

Staff Strength

Staff category Male Female Total
Management and Supervision 1 2 3
Mid-level 3 3 6
Field Worker 3 5 8
Support staff 2 2 4
Voluntaries 35 35

Network / Forum

Name of Network / Forum : Governance Coalition

Type : campaigned for right established

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : SUPRO Advocecy FORUM

Type : campaign

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : ADAB NC4

Type : NGO’s apex body Climate change

Website :

Project List ( Total Project : 3 )

Project Name : Awareness campaign on different issues

Doner : WAD, Wave foundation and Own fund

Sector :

Area : KCC , Rupsha, Batiaghata

Brief of activities :

Awareness campaign on Dowry, Early marriage, Domestic violence, Traducing and Drugs.
Campaign on food for all.
Campaign on safe drinking water, sanitation.
Awareness on climate change and adaption.
Health education, safe delivery and Brest feeding.

Project Name : Self Employment & Women Empowerment

Doner : Bangladesh NGO foudation

Sector : Tailoring training

Area : KCC & Batiaghata upazilla.

Brief of activities :

Tailoring training and distribution of Sewing machine, Scissors etc.

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