Basic Informations

NGO Bureau: 2500, 22-10-2009

Social Welfare: Khulna-1360, 13-06-2010

Women Affairs: N/A

Joint Stoke Company: Khulna – 110, 09-11-2004

Micro Credit Regulatory Authority: AFR

Others: N/A


Chowdhury Vila, House #01, Road #06, Sonadanga R/A,
Khulna-9000, Bangladesh


To  develop  a  prosperous  environment-friendly  society  for the most vulnerable rural people, untarnished of any social contrast on the basis information and main destination.


To  establish  a  socio-economically  improved  and development for rural people, street and working children and  disability  by  organizing  and  ensuring  their  own participation  in  different  constructive  development
initiatives to ensure dignified lives.


  • To  mobilize  the  disadvantaged  people  through information, education and awareness rising with a view to improve their lot.
  •   To  provide  first - rate   information,  guild  line  and support services to the rural people.
  •  To provide, basic health, education to the working & street children development rural people.
  •  To  provide  assistance  to  child  education,  health, nutrition, sanitation,  income  generation  and employment skill development training program for improving the quality of life of the people uncared
  •  To raise awareness on climate change and to grow consciousness on the importance of agriculture and forestation  in  the  largest  mangrove  forest  of  the Sunder bans.
  • Train up to the rural people, their own services.
  • Emergency Disaster Management.
  • Awareness  Buildup  Mouali,  Bawall  &  Fisheries about  their  guild  line  and  support  services  to  the rural people.

Major Activities

1. Organizing and Empowering rural poor people
2. Implementing Pre-school programme for children of rural poor people.
3. Primary Education Program.

List of Excutive Body

  1. Md. Khabiruzzaman, Chairman
  2. Md. Sarwar Hossain, Executive Director
  3. Md. Ali Ahamad Sheikh, Treasurer
  4. S M Abdus Sobhan, Executive Member
  5. Md. Masud Parves, Executive Member
  6. Md. Moniruzzaman, Executive Member
  7. Nasrin Sultana, Executive Member
  8. Shahina Akter, Executive Member
  9. Md. Zakir Hossain, Executive Member

Chief of NGO


Designation: Chairman

Phone & Mobile No. +88041-731976, 01964-570556

Head Office

Address: Choudhury Vila, House # 01, Road # 06, Sonadanga R/A, Khulna-9000, Bangladesh

Phone & Mobile No. +88041-731976, 01712-124186


Project Office

Address: Chalantika Bhaban, Zero Point, Khulna-9208, Bangladesh.

Phone & Mobile No. +8801712-124186


Staff Strength

Staff category Male Female Total
Management and Supervision 9 5 14
Mid-level 21 11 32
Field Worker 64 56 120
Support staff 12 7 19
Voluntaries 70 60 130

Infrastructure facilities:

Particulars Total Number
Electronics facility 34
Traveling facility 70
Communication facility 95
Internet facility (No. Of computer) 5
Office 19

Network / Forum

Name of Network / Forum : Department of Social Services (BD)

Type : NGO

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : Al TAEF SAS (Via Nolan, 58 Napoli, Italy)

Type : NGO

Website :

Micro credit related information Last three years: (If necessary)

Financial year Amount of Savings Loan disbursement (Cumulative) Amount of Total fund (Tk)
2015-16 BDT 69,39,775 BDT 1,88,19,449 BDT 2,57,59,224

Project List ( Total Project : 4 )

Project Name : Primary Education Program for children.

Doner : Own fund

Sector :

Area : Khulna & Bagerhat District

Brief of activities :

  • Free text book and school kit supply
  • Primary health service for the Children
  • Providing indoor game and amusement
  • Providing snacks for Tiffin period

Project Name : Disability Development Program

Doner : Own fund

Sector :

Area : Khulna & Bagerhat District

Brief of activities :

  • Help them for socially life.
  • Providing treatment to general position.
  • Training for the activities.
  • Their mind development and enjoyment.
  • Observation of national and international days

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