Community Development Centre (CODEC)

Basic Informations

NGO Bureau: 263, Renewed up to 08 April, 2028

Social Welfare: 1160/85, April 04, 1985

Micro Credit Regulatory Authority: 01781‐00048‐00103, January 15, 2008


CODEC Bhaban, Plot # 02, Road # 02, Lake Valley R/A,
Foy's Lake, Khulshi, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Postal Code: 4202
Phone: 880‐31‐659485(PABX)


The coastal and riverine communities of the South are progressively realizing wellbeing


The coastal and riverine communities of the South connect themselves externally, capitalize on their potentials and conquer their livelihood challenges in the climate change context.


CODEC’s future Goals and purposes are centered on four pillars, which will provide relevance to the people it has been working for, reflects the current development context, based on its resources and potentials, and ensures sustainability of its operations in the long-run.


  • 1: CODEC continues to be a leader in the coastal and riverine area in setting development agenda and priorities in diversified areas of development (CODEC Leads!).
  • 2: CODEC sustainably strengthens its position as a lead development service provider on contract basis for all intermediary development partners/sponsors with access to development funding (CODEC Delivers!)
  • 3: CODEC emerges as a social entrepreneurship to maximize the use of its financial and physical resources to gradually increase its support for social sector programs (CODEC Earns!).
  • 4: CODEC continues to expand its innovation in microfinance services and stabilize its profitability over time (CODEC Sustains!)

Major Activities

1. Children Calendar Fund

2. CODEC Children Fund (CCF) under Children Calendar Fund.

3. Adult Literacy and People Empowerment through Reflect Program

4. Entrepreneurship Development Among the Coastal Communities of Bangladesh

5. Awareness Raising, Education Program & Income Generating Activities

6. Education Program

7. Development Interventions for Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT)‐ Phase‐I to III

8. Promoting Talent through Early Education (PROTEEVA): Barisal

9. Early Childhood Education Programme (SUCCEED)

10. SHIKHON‐ Supporting the Hardest to Reach Through Basic Education

11. Naba Diganta Protection of working children and vulnerable Children workers

12. Book Distribution Support. This project purchased 991 sets of Primary School Books for children.

13. School Construction Support.

14. Adult Literacy and People empowerment through Reflect Program.

15. Functional literacy for Sustainable Development through Community Learning Centre (CLC) and Community Resource Centre (CRC).

16. Support on Community Learning Centre (CLC) and Community Resource Centre (CRC) and Capacity Building of respective Stakeholders

17. Strengthening Access of Disadvantaged Children in Education.

18. Child Protection Centre: Safe Space (Child Friendly Space).

19. Video Documentation on missing husbands and parents during SIDR.

20. Child Protection Initiative Project.

21. Educational materials distribution.

22. Early Recovery Child Protection Program

23. Early Recovery Child Protection Program: Replacing Pre-Posting Kits. Emergency disaster materials were distributed to be used in future disaster & better protection of children under Replacing preposting kits program

24. Emergency Child Protection Program (Protective Support to Parents Missing Children)

25. “Literacy/ Skills Training for Adult Illiterate Girls and Women
in Rural Areas” through Community Resource and Learning Centres at Cox’s Bazar.

26. Promoting Child Protection in Emergencies and Child Sensitive Disaster Risk Reduction and Response in Cyclone and Flood Prone Areas.

27. SHONGLAP for empowerment of adolescent girls.

28. Feeding Program for the disadvantaged children of Chittagong and Laxmipur area.

29. Promotion of education and health for all specially children and women

30. Safe Centre for Children through Financial Support.

31. Cyclone SIDR Early Recovery Education (ERE) Program.

32. Community Mobilization, Institution Building, Access to Health, Education, Training, Rights & Justice, Plantation & Sanitation, Micro Credit & Cultural Development.

33. Law and Policy for disadvantaged coastal communities (PRODIP)

34. Strengthening Local NGOs & CBOs

35. Training and infrastructure support Office Construction

36. Staff capacity development

37. Strengthening of Fisher folk Coordination Committee

38. CEFE Training for Entrepreneurship Development

List of Excutive Body

  1. Mr. Abul Kashem
  2. Mr. Dr. Mir Murtaza Reza Khan
  3. Mr. Md. Reazul Kabir
  4. Ms. Jesmin Sultana Paru
  5. Ms. Jahanara Begum
  6. Dr. Md. Sanaullah
  7. Mr. Mahbubul Islam

Chief of NGO

Name: Khursid Alam, Ph.D

Designation: Executive Director

Phone & Mobile No. 880‐31‐659485(PABX)

Head Office

Address: COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CENTRE (CODEC) CODEC Bhaban, Plot # 02, Road # 02, Lake Valley R/A, Foy's Lake, Khulshi, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Postal Code: 4202

Phone & Mobile No. 880‐31‐659485(PABX)


Project Office

Address: n/a (please contact with individual project

Phone & Mobile No. 01730004533


Staff Strength

Staff category Male Female Total
Management and Supervision 22 8 30
Mid-level 53 33 86
Field Worker 1154 221 1375
Support staff 144 14 158
Voluntaries 896 953 1849

Infrastructure facilities:

Particulars Total Number
CODEC Head office 1
CODEC Microfinance Branch Office 101
CODEC Training Center 3

Network / Forum

Name of Network / Forum : NIRAPAD

Type : Disaster Preparedness and Management

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : CAMPE

Type : Policy formulation & negotiation Negotiation with GoB about education Materials Development

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : BCNNRC (Bangladesh Coastal NGOs Network for Radio & Communication)

Type :

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : Networking for Radio & Communication.

Type :

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : Credit Development Forum (CDF)

Type :

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : INAFI

Type :

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : Education Cluster

Type :

Website :

Name of Network / Forum : Bangladesh ECD Network (BEN)

Type :

Website :

Micro credit related information Last three years: (If necessary)

Financial year Amount of Savings Loan disbursement (Cumulative) Amount of Total fund (Tk)
2016-2017 683,338,927 1,841,984 450,988,362
2015-2016 505,226,471 1,453,435,834 394,312,852
2014-2015 420,737,174 1,231,822,176 353,025,375

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Project Name : KGF

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Sector :

Area :

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Kuwait Good wall Fund for Promotion of food security in Islamic country Programs

Project Name : ENRICH Project

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